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Psychology Services in Irvine, CA


Dr. Barry Ross specializes in treating a variety of psychological issues. His specialties include treating women with eating disorders, addiction, panic attacks, psychosomatic disorders, personality disorders, and couple's issues. Dr. Ross treats adults, adolescents, and couples. Call today for a free consultation, (949) 852-1410 or Contact Dr. Ross online.

Couples Issues


Dr. Ross has extensive experience working with couples struggling with relationship difficulties. By taking a proactive and empathetic approach to couples issues, Dr. Ross can help guide couples through their issues and reach a deeper connection and level of mutual understanding. 



Dr. Ross has worked a great deal with compulsive sexual behavior, eating disorders, and substance abuse. During his years of treating addiction Dr. Ross has developed an effective and compassionate approach to helping patients free themselves from their addiction.

Panic Attacks & Psychosomatic Disorders


Having been thoroughly trained in understanding the role of the body in psychological conditions, including panic disorder, Dr. Ross can guide you through the haze of these conditions and reach the calm on the other side. 

Dr. Ross Treats Adults, Couples, and Adolescents

Call today (949) 852-1410 or click the button below to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ross. 

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